Author: Graeme Johnston

  • Organising contracting in a moderately sized business

    Organising  contracting in a moderately sized business

    Graeme Johnston / 2 February 2022 Something that’s crept up on me over the years is my frustration with the typical format of contracts, the process for dealing with them and the difficulty of doing much about it in a practical way. Contracts have never been my core business, but I’ve drafted them, negotiated them,…

  • Tip cards in Juralio

    Tip cards in Juralio

    Sophie Powell-Hall / 27 January 2022 You might have noticed we’ve recently added ‘tip cards’ to Juralio. We’ve given a lot of thought to how to help you use Juralio. Our approach is to make it easy at every step: We show you key things when you first log in and when you first go…

  • Less is more in project management: 1869 edition

    Less is more in project management: 1869 edition

    Graeme Johnston / 18 January 2022 Let’s assume that you’re working on a project with many other people. A project that’s complex, in the sense that there are lots of moving parts, and success depends significantly upon adaptation to developments (for instance, the actions and inactions of people outside your team).  Two of the big challenges are…

  • Rough notes on open source concepts

    Rough notes on open source concepts

    Graeme Johnston / 29 December 2021 I prepared these notes on “open source” and related concepts for my own purposes, as an attempt to cut through the complexity of this topic. They’re not very profound, but as the topic often seems to be misunderstood, I thought I’d publish them as a very simple introduction to…

  • A farewell to cookies

    A farewell to cookies

    Graeme Johnston / 23 December 2021 Some questions asked to me the other day: Q: Why doesn’t your site have a cookie banner? A: Because we don’t use cookies. Q: Why not? My answer to that second question seemed to interest the questioner. This post summarises the points, in case anyone else finds it interesting…

  • Season’s greetings from Juralio

    Season’s greetings from Juralio

    The festive season is upon us here in Scotland. Snow has fallen on the Juralio website. Decorations and a robin have appeared in the trees. Fortunately the pine marten is well furred.  No spoilers, but we’re planning to ensure the website keeps up with the Scottish seasons. Ideas welcome! Have a great break and see…

  • Passive-aggressive transparency

    Passive-aggressive transparency

    Victor Bekink / 14 December 2021 Passive-aggressive transparency defined This is my name for an annoying, time-wasting, potentially stress-inducing behaviour that I suspect almost everyone working on complex projects in a team has, at some point Suffered from. Inflicted upon others – unwittingly or otherwise.  In business today, increasing emphasis is attached to transparency and…

  • The Juralio marten

    The Juralio marten

    Sophie Powell-Hall / 9 December 2021 As part of our new Juralio website design, you may have spotted this little creature peeking out from behind a tree or looking out over the horizon. We’re delighted to introduce the Scottish pine marten.  These elusive woodland creatures are known for their agility and determination. They are often…

  • Milestones, risk and workflow labels, and hashtags come to Juralio 🎉🚀

    Milestones, risk and workflow labels, and hashtags come to Juralio 🎉🚀

    Molly MacGregor / 07 December 2021 We’re excited to introduce these new elements of Juralio, to help you manage your work better than ever: Milestones Risk labels – with traffic light colours Workflow labels – for capturing things like “on hold” or “under review” Hashtags – with a wide range of uses ♢Milestones: high-level progress…

  • New Juralio website

    New Juralio website

    Empowering people to easily express work and share better ways to do it, as opposed to constraining them with rules.