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Sophie Powell-Hall / 27 January 2022

You might have noticed we’ve recently added ‘tip cards’ to Juralio.

We’ve given a lot of thought to how to help you use Juralio. Our approach is to make it easy at every step:

  • We show you key things when you first log in and when you first go to a new area
  • Making it easy to see how to use Juralio without needing detailed instructions is a design priority
  • We do give clarifying explanations next to various features to explain their nuances
  • We provide a comprehensive help manual which you can search
  • You can also chat with or email us

However, a challenge is how to help you discover – or remind yourself of – things you may not be aware of and may find helpful.

Making the initial tutorials longer isn’t a good approach, as most people have little patience for those.

We also don’t want to annoy or distract you with pop-ups or other intrusive approaches.

The games industry sometimes addresses this challenge by presenting short tips when you’re on a home screen or something’s loading.

Our tip cards take inspiration from this, providing a pleasant, calm summary without being pushy.

The design pattern – a heading, a single sentence, an image – makes them eye-catching and brings a colourful detail to your dashboard.

You’ll see new cards every time you visit the homepage and always have the option to clear them for your session if you prefer.

If you haven’t used Juralio yet, get in touch for a demo!



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