Overworking in the law

Graeme Johnston / 10 February 2022 I’m intrigued by this week’s announcement by the largest English regulator of lawyers (the SRA) that, while it recognises that legal work can involve long hours and heavy workloads, it will now consider taking enforcement action against law firms in serious or persistent cases of ‘imposition of wholly unreasonable… Continue reading Overworking in the law

Organising contracting in a moderately sized business

Graeme Johnston / 2 February 2022 Something that’s crept up on me over the years is my frustration with the typical format of contracts, the process for dealing with them and the difficulty of doing much about it in a practical way. Contracts have never been my core business, but I’ve drafted them, negotiated them,… Continue reading Organising contracting in a moderately sized business

Less is more in project management: 1869 edition

Graeme Johnston / 18 January 2022 Let’s assume that you’re working on a project with many other people. A project that’s complex, in the sense that there are lots of moving parts, and success depends significantly upon adaptation to developments (for instance, the actions and inactions of people outside your team).  Two of the big challenges are… Continue reading Less is more in project management: 1869 edition

Passive-aggressive transparency

Victor Bekink / 14 December 2021 Passive-aggressive transparency defined This is my name for an annoying, time-wasting, potentially stress-inducing behaviour that I suspect almost everyone working on complex projects in a team has, at some point Suffered from. Inflicted upon others – unwittingly or otherwise.  In business today, increasing emphasis is attached to transparency and… Continue reading Passive-aggressive transparency