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This notice explains how we handle personal information we control.

Our aims include respect for people's privacy, and making this notice clear and succinct. Questions or ideas for improvement are welcome.


About us and this privacy notice


What, why and how we use personal information in various scenarios


Policies we follow, irrespective of scenario


We’re Juralio Technology Ltd
Scottish limited company SC571514
Our registered office is at Unit 8, 20 Greenmarket, Dundee DD1 4QB, Scotland

We make the Juralio software product, described on our website,

Please email us at

We mean information relating to an identified or identifiable individual – this includes what the UK Information Commissioner’s Office calls personal data, described in detail here.

Simple examples include your name, email address, phone number, the organisation you work for and your role there. An example of personal information relating to an identifiable individual is an IP address used by you. 

The Scenarios section of this privacy notice indicates types of personal information we may collect in particular contexts. The Policies section mentions certain types of personal information which we aim not to collect.

Note: we generally don’t process “special category data.”

  • That means things like health information, ethnic origin, political views and other information which is more sensitive than usual. For more detail, see this explanation by the UK Information Commissioner’s Office. 
  • If for some specific reason (e.g. in a recruitment context) we collect any information of that type, we will consider carefully whether we really need it, ask you specifically in advance, and make sure you know why we believe we need it. 
  • If it is agreed that such information may be stored in our software product, we will address this topic specifically in our contract with our customer. You should not store such information in our product unless expressly permitted in such a contract (as indicated to you by your employer if they’re our customer or, if not, by the other person who permits you access to their Juralio instance).

This notice explains how we treat personal information which we control.

  • What we collect
  • Why we do so
  • How we handle it
  • Our lawful reasons (a data protection law concept)
  • Our broader policies

The Scenarios section tells you how we approach particular situations. The Policies section explains our approach more generally.

This notice doesn’t cover personal information which we process on behalf of the person who controls it.

With respect to personal information processed in our software product, Juralio:

  • We control limited personal information necessary for our billing and technical purposes, such as whether a particular user’s account was activated.
  • But we’re typically not the controller of information which users of our product add to it. The controller of such information will typically be our customer. You should consult them, or their privacy notice or policy, with any queries about their handling of personal information which they control.

We record changes. Please get in touch if a prior version is relevant to you.


If you go beyond browsing and contact us via this website, please see the next scenario: You contact us.

Information we may gatherWhy we may gather it
  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Organisation you represent
  • Your role there
  • Anything else you choose to tell us

To enable us to deal with your query

How we may gather itLawful reason
  • By the method you use to contact us
  • For example, email, phone, messaging, social media, the contact form on our website


Information we may gatherWhy we may gather it
  • Your name
  • Your contact details
  • The organisation you represent and your role there
  • To update you about our product and company
  • To verify that you are a customer or user when you contact us
  • To maintain and develop our relationship with you
  • To verify usage and billing in the event of a query
How we may gather itLawful reason
  • Business communications with you and your colleagues in connection with your or your organisation’s use of our product 
  • Business communications with you and your colleagues and representatives for the purpose of any matters we are working on with you or them
  • Creation of a user account for you in our product
  • Our legitimate interest is to provide you with our product. This includes things such as using your personal information to keep in touch where you have bought or are using our product, to keep you informed of how it develops and sharing other information about it likely to be of interest.
Information we may gatherWhy we may gather it
  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Organisation you represent, and your role
  • Anything else you choose to tell us when you interact with us
  • Contacting you and staying in touch for sales, marketing and relationship purposes
How we may gather itLawful reason
  • Individualised contact, for example in response to inquiries you have made
  • Mailing lists on topics we think are likely to interest you, such as product updates and company news – but we’ll include an option to unsubscribe 
  • Our legitimate interest in marketing and selling our product and developing or maintaining relationships with people likely to be interested in our product
Information we may gatherWhy we may gather it
  • Name
  • Contact details
  • Citizenship and right to work in location(s) relevant to the job
  • Education and work history
  • Criminal record (but not “spent” convictions)
  • Assessing the possibility of you working with us
  • Unless you actually start working for us, we will delete such information after the job application process has been completed, within a time determined by our information retention policy. We’ll delete it sooner if you ask us to, and we’ll only keep it longer with your specific consent.
How we may gather itLawful reason
  • We may obtain this from you directly or (with your consent) from a recruiter engaged by you. We may also obtain such information from third party sites (e.g. LinkedIn)
  • We will only seek references from employers or make a criminal records search with your prior consent

If you choose to give us further personal information then, obviously, we will be collecting that as well. But we’re well aware of our legal and ethical obligations as employers not to ask for certain information (e.g. family plans) and don’t want to obtain such information

  • Consent

We don’t use cookies or similar technologies on our website.

For the meaning of “cookies or similar technologies” see the UK Information Commissioner’s Office guidance.

Cookies can range from benign to the questionable. We don’t use them at all on our website because

  • They aren’t necessary to make it work.
  • We don’t want to track people across sites (a common reason for using cookies) – we think that’s inappropriate and we’re not comfortable with the “cookie consent” approach of many websites.
  • Although it’s useful for a business to analyse how our website’s being used, we can do that in a way we find good enough without using cookies or tracking people.

If, in future, we need to use cookies (for example, to provide a secure online option to buy a subscription to our product), we’ll update our policy and this notice.

When you log in to our product, your browser will store some information (including cookies) which is necessary for our product to work properly. We don’t use them to track you across sites.

If you are a customer or user of our product and would like more information about this, please contact us.

We don’t share your personal information with other people unless:

  • You consent specifically to us doing this.
  • We are legally required to do so – for example, to comply with a court order.
  • We have a legitimate interest in doing so.

We may share your personal information on the basis of a legitimate interest in these cases:

  1. We may share it with our parent company, Juralio Ltd. It is a Scottish limited company number SC44468 and we are a wholly owned subsidiary of it. Together we form a corporate group. We do this in the legitimate interest of managing the corporate group’s business effectively. Juralio Ltd’s approach to privacy is consistent with ours.
  2. We may share it for secure storage and processing on cloud software platforms (for example, Google Workspace, Microsoft) to help us manage documents, correspondence, messages, finance, sales, marketing, business relationships and business contacts. We assess the approach to security and privacy of such platforms before using them, and on an ongoing basis. Storing and processing information on them necessarily involves sharing it with the companies which operate such platforms. We do this in the legitimate interest of managing our business effectively.
  3. We may share it (for example, with an authority or court) to prevent or remedy unlawful activity such as fraud or attempts to compromise the security of our website, company or product. We do this in the legitimate interest of protecting our business, team, product, customers and users. 
  4. We may share it with our professional advisers who help us, in confidence, with accounting, audit, privacy / data protection, legal, security, compliance and other issues. We do this in the legitimate interest of running our business lawfully and effectively.
  5. Potentially in future we may share it with another organisation with whom we discuss a merger or sale of our business, if they need to check, in confidence, our business records. If we do this, it will be in the legitimate interest of improving our business.

For example, you may give the Juralio software access to your Google Workspace account to allow you to find and preview documents stored there and add links to them within Juralio. If you do so, we will only use that access to the extent, and for the time, necessary to achieve that purpose.

Our parent company, Juralio Ltd, maintains an information security management system and an ISO 27001 accreditation. 

We store personal information in the UK or EU where possible but it may be transferred to another country.

We have an information retention policy which defines how long we keep various categories of personal information. If it’s relevant to personal information we store in relation to you, please contact us and we’ll be glad to address the relevant points.

You have various legal rights in relation to personal information that we control.

This is not intended to be a comprehensive statement of the legal position, but your rights include

  • accessing personal information we hold about you
  • objecting to our use of your personal information based on the legal ground of ‘legitimate interest’
  • withdrawing your consent to any processing of your personal data at any time
  • rectifying personal information about you that is inaccurate
  • complaining to regulators with lawful authority, such as the UK Information Commissioner’s Office
If you’d like to exercise any of these rights, please contact us.


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